College and Career Success: Are Your Students Prepared?

There are many courses that can prepare students for college and career readiness in Texas and in other states. Many of these courses in Texas have been specifically mentioned in some of my other articles.

I have also covered in other articles what it takes to become college and career ready and to succeed. In this brief article I am writing about one very important factor for both college and career success.

Socrates said, “Know thyself” and many other wise persons have said the same. Self-knowledge leads to better decisions which leads to more successful actions.

An important part of any good college and career readiness course is helping students to develop their self-knowledge. This includes values clarification, identifying skills and talents, considering strong interests and natural aptitudes, understanding one’s personality type, identifying important goals and more.

This is how students can select a college major and career goals which will be a good match. This will be a career they can excel in and love.

When students develop the self-awareness to identify and pursue a career which is a good fit for them then the intrinsic motivation to succeed in college and in the work place will be automatically generated.

By Raymond Gerson
Raymond Gerson is the author of Achieve College and Career Success series. This consists of brief and full semester books on college and career readiness and success. The Achieve College Success books answer the question, "How to be successful in college?" For more information go to: