Preparing Students for College and Career Success

Are you interested in teaching college readiness courses? Do you have an interest in teaching career readiness courses? One of the best ways to prepare students for college and career readiness is by teaching them courses that enhance their college and career success.

I taught college and career readiness/success courses for fourteen years for Austin Community College. These courses included high school students ( 10-12th graders) who were taking the courses for dual-credit. I have also taught college readiness courses exclusively to 9th grade students at a high school.

In Texas the State Board of Education approved a comprehensive innovative college and career readiness course that is offered for credit to high school students in Texas. The course is “College Transition” PEIMS # N1290050 and any certified teacher in Texas is eligible to teach the course with their Principal’s approval. This course teaches skills, learning strategies, attitudes and behaviors which are needed to enhance college readiness, career readiness, college transition and successful completion of college.

College Transition PEIMS N1290050 can be offered in Texas high schools to 9th-12th grade students. The course can be offered as a one semester course for .5 credit or as a two semester course for 1 credit.

Two of my books, Achieve College Success: Learn How in One Semester or Less (First full edition) and Achieve Career Success: Discover and Get the job You Want (Third full edition) are an excellent match for the college transition course. Achieve College Success is ideal for the first semester and Achieve Career Success for the second semester.

My books have both brief and full editions. They can be used to teach full semester courses or short semester courses or workshops. If you are looking for books for teaching students how to succeed in college, college success books for teaching courses to students, books for teaching college and career readiness or college and career readiness resources for teaching students then the Achieve College and Career Success series can meet those requirements.

When educators adopt any of the books for students and order a minimum of then books, they receive a turnkey package of extra free instructor materials.

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By Raymond Gerson
Raymond Gerson has extensive experience teaching college and career readiness courses to high school and college students. He is the author of Achieve College Success (brief and full editions) and Achieve Career Success (brief and full editions).

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